A few years ago Eddie Bowman (a.k.a. Chester Drawers) wrote a song about living poor in Arkansas called "Gravy On A Bucket Lid".  It got some minor airplay and a few artists recorded the song with some acclaim.  Fast-forward and find Eddie as a comedian with the Brumley Show in Branson, Missouri working for Al Brumley, Jr. and his brother Tom Brumley, both seasoned entertainers in their own right and the owners of the show.  For ten years Eddie performed as Chester Drawers and finally found another talent that God had endowed him with.  That talent was writing and publishing children's books with his little song lyrics and illustrations.  And now Eddie is a full-time children's author and travels the U.S. as Chester Drawers to elementary schools. He attempts to teach children the value of reading and working hard in school, being honest and trustworthy and living by the golden rule and doing it based on christian values.  You can see and order some of Eddie's books through his website .  


Well, Eddie got some recognition as his hillbilly character Chester Drawers among some of Branson's most famous comedians and entertainers and could call them friends.  Some of those friends encouraged Eddie to pursue the possibility of creating a kind of project that would allow them to pool their talents and have some fun at the same time.  Eddie began to ponder on such a thing and came up with an idea called "The Bucket Lid Cafe".  The dream of making a family friendly comedy film with his old friends was an exciting prospect so he began to gather them together and write script ideas and gather cameras, lighting, and props for the film based on the song "Gravy On A Bucket Lid".  


What you can see now is their first installment of that dream in hopes that it will spark interest in the industry to support and fund many future projects.